Samyoga offers the opportunity to deepen self-understanding through physical movement, breathing and meditation. We offer individualized yoga classes, self-exploration techniques as a part of longer-term programs which are typically conducted as individual or small group settings. Samyoga stays unique from other practical classes of yoga, since it is focused on linking each individual to the right tools within the vast world of yoga- breath work, guided visualization, mind mapping,meditation, postures, energy movement, mantra chanting , yogic philosophy, western psychology, human physiology and anatomy through yoga and the western world.

People with different personalities, lifestyles, and health issues have very different needs. In Samyoga, we offer individualized yoga classes, self exploration techniques as part of longer term programs, which are typically conducted in one-on-one or small group settings. Samyoga is not just another style of yoga, it is a unique therapeutic approach and a system that utilizes all yoga styles and mostly in connection with Krishnanamacharya Tradition.

Short Term programs are available (25 hours duration) ,Those who have completed Yoga TTC (Teachers Training Course) can join here for strengthening their philosophical approach in yoga. Certification will be done by the teacher after the completion of the course based on hours

Personalized Yoga Instruction

Subjects are selected based on interview and availability of timings.

Get One-on-One Attention

Everybody comes to a yoga class for a reason, and those reasons will vary from student to student. Students usually seek private yoga sessions because they are trying to find a solution to some sort of problem (physical, physiological, mental-emotional). In a private session student's goals set the stage for the entire practice. We begin with "What would you like to get out of your practice?" and then refine and prioritize.

With private yoga lessons, you'll master on your goals and get personalized instruction based on your health, body type and lifestyle—and on your time. Doing private yoga sessions without specific goals is like being adrift in the sea of possibilities – you get pulled in different directions and may never get to your destination.

One to one Yoga teaching – Asana, Pranayama, Meditation according to their body and mind limitations – Practice with the teacher for corrections and modifications.

The goal is to choose the practical and effective tool for each individual to promote a sense of well being in the shortest period.

Happiness and wellness through Yoga – this is our foundation principle

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