Yogic Psychology

Short Term Program - 25 hours training

This course will cover a variety of subjects related to our state of mind and how to cultivate a more positive and balanced mind, including asana practice, pranayama and meditation practice based on Pathanjali yoga sutra and Ayurveda. This course looks at the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (Ashtanga Yoga) and Samkhya Philosophy. Both texts focus on human life with a goal to achieve and the goal to experience a positive, balanced, content and peaceful state of mind which is not dependent on external events or objects.

Topics include:

Understanding the Personality Traits according to Gunas (Satwaa, Rajas, Tams)
Reflection on Personal attributes
Reasons for emotional imbalance
How to deal with our own problems?

Course Fee & Accommodation (For 7 days)

AC Room: $525 | Non AC Room: $425

Extra Days: AC Room: $70 | Non-AC Room: $60

Yoga Psychology Online Classes are also offered.

Theory Sessions Yogic Psychology

1 . Concept of pain and suffering
2. Meaning and purpose of life
3. Mind – Yoga Perspective
4. Yoga Psychology – based on Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (Ashtanga Yoga),
5. Bhagavad Gita (teachings of Shri Krishna),
6. Bhakti and optimism,
7. Karma and theory of karma
8. Concept of Purushartha (Balance of material & spiritual life)
9. Yoga Practice –
10. Asanas – Yoga Poses
11. Pranayama – breathing techniques to control the thoughts and emotions
12. Meditation – learn to recondition the mind.
13. Mudras & Bandhas – Deeper practices to directly alter the functions of mind.
14. Cleansing techniques
15. Various self-evaluation tests